Modell 2200

Handy shaped, powerful waxing iron. Temperature adjustable, structured square shaped sole for even wax application.

Artikel Nr.: 3346.2

Modell 4200

Powerful professional way-iron.

Temperature range from 90-180°C, exact control. Rectangulare double sole, 100x130 mm.

Wax-fleece optional vailable (no.3352)

Artikel Nr.: 3347.2

Modell 5200

" ELECTRONIC" professional Ski Waxer with digital display. The temperature of this iron is controlled by a microprocessor, keeping it stable during processing. This gives an optimal result and is particulary advantageous for applying the temperature - sensitive special and racing waxes. Wax Fleece ( No, 3351 ), optional.

Artikel Nr.: 3347.4

Wax fleece

for domestic irons.

Artikel Nr.: 3348

Wax fleece

for Wax-iron Model 2200, Model 5200, 4000 und 5000

Artikel Nr.: 3351

Wax fleece

for Wax-iron Model 4200

besonders Themperturstabil.

Artikel Nr.: 3352

Wax fleece

Artikel Nr.: 3353